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I have always wanted to learn how to dance.  Never have though.  Guess I will settle for taking pictures of dancers.  This week I got the chance to capture images of two beautiful dancers for their senior portraits.  As my not so old legs were tired from getting up and down to get just the right angle with my camera, these ladies were on their toes and doing leaps in the street and in downtown Ann Arbor! I thoroughly enjoy creating one of a kind images that suit each persons personality.  I hope it shows in my images, even if I can’t dance. 

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Mr. Baby D

Just spent the evening chillin’ with Mr. D.  I was priveleged to photograph his Mom and Dad at their wedding, and today I got to capture some images of a sweet little man!  He cooperated wonderfully (as most of my clients seem to do, I love my job!) and we got some great pictures for Grandma and Grandpa’s wall!

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